Wholesale Distributors of Quality Basmati Rice, Fine Dry Fruits, Kitchenware, and Specialty Spices

Food has the ability to unite cultures and keep you connected with your heritage. Global Commodities Inc. wants to bridge that gap between Middle Asia and the Western World. We bring you our ethnic foods and flavors at the highest quality standards our culture expects when serving our guests. So enjoy Afghan flavor and hospitality with Aahu Barah brand products.

Golden Background

A household name for over 20 years. The first company to bring in dry fruits from Afghanistan into the United States as well as one of the first companies to bring Basmati Sela rice. 

Basmati Rice Bag

Fresh Products

Aahu Barah Brand brings the very best foods from Middle Asia to around the world. Cuisines with nostalgic aromas and unforgettable flavors. Aahu Barah strives to give every customer the memory of back home.

From our Rice products to our Dry Fruits, Aahu Barah brings only the best quality.


Our best selling and original premium basmati rice. Aahu
Barah has been providing quality basmati sela rice for over

20 years, a household name for supreme quality and con-
sistent cook. The rice grains cook extra long with a flavorful

aroma that makes it stand out from all other basmati rice.

Basmati Rice Grains
Dry Plums
Nuqul Frosted Almonds
Golden Floral Pattern


We don’t compromise quality, so you can trust that our brand will be a staple in your home or business.

Hand holding rice grains
Golden Floral Pattern

Food Connects Us

Our worlds can be far apart, but flavors like these brings us all together.

Cooked Basmati Rice
Golden Flower Pattern

Health Concious

Why compromise flavor for health reasons? Our dry fruits are the tastiest way to enjoy a healthy diet.

Serving Basmati Rice

Be a part of the Aahu Barah Family.