Our Apricot Rolls have a one of a kind naturally sweet taste. These naturally dried apricot rolls are rich and distinctive in flavor, which sets them apart from other dried apricot varieties.

Apricot Roll 1LB

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  • • Natural Laxative: Apricots can act as gentle laxative and also help with digestive conditions such as diverticulosis due to its cellulose and pectin content.

    • Anemia: Anemia is a condition whereby the blood has a lower-than-normal concentration of red blood cells (RBCs) or the RBCs have a below average amount of hemoglobin. This condition is most commonly caused by iron deficiency. Since dried apricots contain high content of iron, they're usually included in the treatment of Anemia.

    • Prevent Cataracts: The high Vitamin A content found in apricots promote good vision by preventing free radical damage, and promoting regular blood supply to the eyes.

    • Avoid Fat Deposit: As apricots are low in calories and fats, you can purée canned apricots in a blender until smooth and use it as substitute for oil, prunes or applesauce in high-calorie, high-fat recipes.

  • 1 LB